Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey John-- Okay, We're Ready for You to Come Back! (More Well Wishes)

John, I've been listening to your amazing voice since 1986. Your voice and musical selections have accompanied me to work and in the car. I especially admire how you sensitively helped listeners absorb losses like the OKC bombing. Please know that you are loved. --MaryAnn Reynolds

Dear wishes for fast recovery and sustained health! Mornings are not the same without the many musings, informative entertainment tips and organic spirit you send through the airways!
We miss you!
Be well, 
Mindy Dumitrescu

You are one of my favorite things about Austin... my mornings are missing you!  Get well soon...
Lori Fast


  1. John--We have never met face to face, but you are part of my daily family! Best wishes for a SPEEDY recovery and a return to what YOU love an what WE love! TOM SECHREST

  2. I don't usually post comments online, but I want to add my voice to the chorus of well-wishers. Listening to you in the mornings is time spent with a friend. Thank you. Theresa Plafcan

  3. Spike here, posting on behalf of a JA fan:

    John, can't do without you, your music knowledge, your wide ranging tastes, your recommendations both music and theater. Get well really soon.

    MAKE it a great day!
    B.Ann Evensen

  4. John, I hope you get well soon!
    I've been listening to your show for years...it's part of my morning, but really it's part of my understanding of Austin. Not "weird" for the sake of being strange, but heading down paths in all directions, searching for the many answers to whatever question strikes your fancy.

    Get well soon!

    Delia Davila

  5. when i moved here from houston, 12 years ago, i left a radio wasteland in my wake. i am thus thankful for you, and the vast number of songs and artists and things i had no idea that i needed to know that you fill my ears with every day. sending love and fervent wishes for a speedy recover.


  6. Spike here posting a haiku on behalf of Aimee Borders:

    Tuning in mornings
    I hear songs I'd never hear
    But for John Aielli

    Thank you!!

  7. the one thing I like
    about endless fund drive week
    is dancing with bears

    Get well, John!
    We miss you.
    Kathy Genet

  8. John, Austin radio is just not the same without you! Your encyclopedic knowledge of musical culture is irreplaceable. Please take good care of yourself and come back when you can.
    Mary Beck