Friday, January 6, 2012

Get Well Haikus & Other Well Wishes for John Aielli

KUT's John Aielli Invites You To Christmas Sing-Along from KUT News on Vimeo.

Hey Y'all,
John Aielli had a heart attack on Wednesday. The Statesman reports that he is recovering. Let's speed up his recovery with our Get Well Haikus and other well wishes. You can post your haikus and other thoughts in the comments or, if you want, just email them to me and I'll will post the good wishes in batches throughout the day. Here's a little haiku I wrote, followed by some more thoughts that were sent c/o me to deliver to John. Oh, and if you want to send an old fashioned get well card, you can mail that to me and I'll take it to him. Send to: c/o Gillespie, PO Box 4843, Austin, TX, 78765

Dear John, Hurry Home
If I guess your shirt color
Will that speed things up?

first radio voice
weaving magic through music
Austin's soul it's pulse

many wishes for
a quick recovery from
all of us to you

John Aielli sick? 
No more morning mellow, sob. 
Get well soon, John A.

i moved to Austin in 1977, i quickly discovered two unforgettable voices on FM radio. one was the long gone Leonard Masters on the classical station KMFA. the other was John Aielli. let's hope that he returns to the air soon to continue his 40+year run on KUT. healing energy and love to you John.

Remember when he played 'Jesus love never fails you' every day about 200 times? Remind him of that.

let's hear it again
Jesus love never fails you
let's heat it again

PLEASE tell him his followers all wish him the best. Tell him to laugh more and Always look on the bright side of life...

I hope John has a quick and full recovery! Our hugs to him!

give John our love. He has been supporting our music on his show for years and I am very thankful for that. I am praying for his recovery here in Brazil. 

Big love to John. He makes me happy on a regular basis.

Sending healing hippie mojo-- dang it....


  1. From another Marie: hope you feel your to
    wn holding you in our thoughts and prayers. Finding your show felt like my first real Austin encounter, everything else just sealed the deal.

  2. John, this morning sucks
    I lack a clear directive
    without your daily "timbre!"

  3. Radio unique
    Maintains our city's weirdness
    Thank you, John! Be well!

  4. I never forget
    The hokey pokey that day
    Was it twelve times, John?

  5. I await play list
    full of "heart" and "happy" songs
    when you come back, friend

  6. Three versions in a
    Row of the same song? Yes please!
    We discover with you.

    We love you John. Get well soon.

  7. No haiku here--just want to say THANKS for everything John--you've been a great support and a wonderful presence over the years and I hope you recover quickly and happily. Best wishes to you.

  8. Be well John. The airwaves are diminished. Jesus blood never fails you.

  9. Be well John. The airwaves are diminished. Jesus blood never fails you.

  10. A get-well wish from your old colleague.

  11. Your voice and playlist
    Cut through cedar fever blues
    Please recover soon!

    Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your radio show is one of the bright spots in my mornings!

  12. Oh my! Get well soon.
    Your neighbor will watch your house.
    Should I water plants?

  13. My mornings are not the same without you, John! I wish you a speedy recovery and keeping you in my thoughts.

  14. You are my music vanguard and the soul of KUT! Speedy recovery, John!
    Rhonda Grover

  15. Get better sir, miss you discussing what you discuss.

  16. The King of my morning music.
    Hurry back! You are sorely missed.
    Sending all good JuJu.

  17. The radio is simply normal without you. I hope your recovery is speedy and pain free. We miss you sir.

  18. Come on home. What's morning cup of coffee without you? Speedy recovery!!!

  19. I see your red heart
    brilliant like a flaming tree
    singing back to health

  20. Broadcasting over a different medium, I send out my soothing, healing thoughts to you, John. You have given us so much, now it is our turn to give to you. Soak in the caring loving "words" and feel better.
    with love,

  21. Mornings without you are like a day without sunshine. Sending you wishes for a quick recovery!

  22. Dear John - Listen to you every day you are on, miss those weather discussions and the wonderful music. Take care and get well soon. Return the music.

  23. I came all the way from Tehran, fell in love with Austin and have been here since. I have been listening to your show for a couple of years now and have always liked your music selection, your free spirited personality and listening to you talk about your gardening experiences! I liked you so much on the air that I even looked you up on the internet to get to know more about you. But I guess I spelled your last name wrong! Best wishes to you John. Get well soon :)

  24. To cover one's heart,
    only winter wool will do.
    Cotton sweaters? Please.

  25. Hoping for a speedy recovery. I miss hearing you as I go about my day!

  26. My favorite J.A. moment was a "few" years ago when he had Francis Nail on to read some of her writing. They were talking about color, or forests, or something, when john casually mentioned how great the forest was this one time when he and a friend were on mushrooms. No coyness, just honest Aielli-ness. Whatever you may think about Mr. Aielli, at least you know what he thinks, which is more than can be said about most people in the public eye. A 30+ year listener wishes John a speedy and healthy recovery

  27. JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE COMMUTE TO SAN MARCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WITHOUT YOU?????????????????
    Boo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nuf said

    Get the hell well!

    Lauren Lane

  28. Reedy Bagpipes bark
    cut to Willie's keening, Hark!
    John finds shared music.

  29. Hi John,
    It's Jane Bachner from KLRN days. I keep seeing you in your pullover cashmeres - the ones with other people's monograms! It still makes me cheerful. Come back soon. Nothing against Jody and all, it's just that that morning slot is YOURS. Anything you need, like meals, let me know. Spike knows how to get in touch with me.

  30. John: We are rooting for your quick and safe recovery from these health troubles. Best from Bill and me. Kiyoshi

  31. a good vibration
    machine-calming heart's passion
    the sound of real life

    I miss you!

  32. Damn it. Knock it off, John. You are scaring us. Take it easy and spend some time getting better FOR REAL this time. You can do it. We miss you.

  33. More well wishing from Los Franquilins. Take care of yourself, John. And thanks Spike for making this happen. Best to you buddy (John)!

  34. You're one of the reasons I moved to Austin, John, after visiting for more than 20 years. I'd always tune in to KUT when I was in town -- now you keep me company in the mornings. Get well soon. We miss you!
    And thanks, Spike.


  35. Damn, John, It's hard getting through mornings without that majestic voice of yours. Praying for its quick and reverberant return.

  36. Don't realize what an element you are in my life, until you disappear. All of these years, I guess I took you for granted, but know that you are sorely missed and we are looking forward very much to a comfortable recovery and return for you!

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