Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Well Soon AGAIN! Okay John, We're Ready for You to Come Home!

It is true-- John is back in the hospital. I don't have lots of details but to the best of my knowledge he went in on Monday night. And dang, I had just seen him Monday late afternoon at Cherrywood Coffee and he was looking and feeling fine. We are all wishing John a super speedy and chill recovery. Feel free to leave your get well haikus and good wishes in the comment section or email them to and I'll post 'em for you. To start off the next round, here's a note from the folks at Zach Scott Theatre:

Dear John,

From all of the actors, singers, artists, designers, technicians, staff and Board of Directors at ZACH Theatre, we wish you a speedy recovery.  You are a Texas Treasure.  Your support and contributions to Austin’s Arts community are truly immeasurable.  We look forward to having you back at the studio mic as soon as possible!  And, remember to lean in close ;-)

Your friends at ZACH Theatre