Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey John-- Okay, We're Ready for You to Come Back! (More Well Wishes)

John, I've been listening to your amazing voice since 1986. Your voice and musical selections have accompanied me to work and in the car. I especially admire how you sensitively helped listeners absorb losses like the OKC bombing. Please know that you are loved. --MaryAnn Reynolds

Dear wishes for fast recovery and sustained health! Mornings are not the same without the many musings, informative entertainment tips and organic spirit you send through the airways!
We miss you!
Be well, 
Mindy Dumitrescu

You are one of my favorite things about Austin... my mornings are missing you!  Get well soon...
Lori Fast

Friday, January 6, 2012

And This, From John's Hangout...

Posted at Cherrywood Coffee on East 38 1/2 Street, where John spottings are rumored to be frequent. Hurry back, John-- we're waiting. Scroll down for more get well wishes and leave your own good wishes, too. 

The Good Wishes Are Pouring In! Here Are Some More.

For those of you who didn't see my Facebook post-- I talked to John earlier today and he had it in him to yell at the TV to tell it to shut up so he could hear me. He says to tell you all he's having a great time in the hospital. I'll continue to post well wishes in batches. You can email me yours at spikegillespie@gmail.com or, if you'd like, just leave your good wishes in the comment section here. I told John about this page and if he hasn't checked it out yet, he'll be checking it out soon. So tell everyone to send their good wishes, eh?



You bring us music
to expand our minds and souls.
Bring your heart home soon. 
--Susan Mack

John, please hurry up and get well so you can come back to us. Bring your
voice. -- Sue Reading

Word from you to you -
Notice songs both in and out.
Heart loves sky, Earth, life.

We count on you to bounce back, John, and then, whatever you want.
Hugs, Margot

Get well soon. I still remember you fondly after all these years. --B rgds, Stewart Wilber

Eklektikos Man:
Get better soon and heal deep
Blessings from my heart
 -- Steve Daniel  

I miss you!  Take you time and do what the doctors tell you, but when you can, hurry back! 
-- Jill Graff

 A few years ago, when cleaning out my cassette tapes to move my media center (and by cleaning out I mean stopping to listen to all of them) I came across a tape I made when I was probably 6 or 8 years old.  Certainly from the mid 80's because the tape it was on had bright blocks of hot pink and yellow on it.  I was speaking in a slow low voice telling the audience how much they were going to love this next piece, after which I proceeded to play a mad polka/march for the next 5 minutes on the Casio keyboard we had.  When I heard my voice again, I realized what I was doing.  I was doing an impression of John Aielli.  I suppose they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so even though I admit I may mock John from to time to time now, I still always wanted to BE John.  I keep dreading the day he leaves KUT, because radio is not going to be the same without him.  Get well soon, and stay that way!
 ~ Sean "Mr. Bones" Ellison  

My best wishes for a speedy recovery. My mornings are missing John.
--Content Love Knowles

Please heal,know that you are missed,your shirt is Salmon Pink,and you are loved. :) -- Renee Hayes

 Is the heart fragile?
Your heart is steel strong and sweet.
The beat goes on. Love.

--Jennifer Hill Robenalt

Big hearts, big minds, big souls
expanding out beyond the edges
where peace and love and joy abound
whilst frolicking among the hedges

-- Lynn Russell Kindler

Thursday radio
not so sprightly as usual
wellness returning
-- Nancy Day  

Get Well Haikus & Other Well Wishes for John Aielli

KUT's John Aielli Invites You To Christmas Sing-Along from KUT News on Vimeo.

Hey Y'all,
John Aielli had a heart attack on Wednesday. The Statesman reports that he is recovering. Let's speed up his recovery with our Get Well Haikus and other well wishes. You can post your haikus and other thoughts in the comments or, if you want, just email them to me and I'll will post the good wishes in batches throughout the day. Here's a little haiku I wrote, followed by some more thoughts that were sent c/o me to deliver to John. Oh, and if you want to send an old fashioned get well card, you can mail that to me and I'll take it to him. Send to: c/o Gillespie, PO Box 4843, Austin, TX, 78765

Dear John, Hurry Home
If I guess your shirt color
Will that speed things up?

first radio voice
weaving magic through music
Austin's soul it's pulse

many wishes for
a quick recovery from
all of us to you

John Aielli sick? 
No more morning mellow, sob. 
Get well soon, John A.

i moved to Austin in 1977, i quickly discovered two unforgettable voices on FM radio. one was the long gone Leonard Masters on the classical station KMFA. the other was John Aielli. let's hope that he returns to the air soon to continue his 40+year run on KUT. healing energy and love to you John.

Remember when he played 'Jesus love never fails you' every day about 200 times? Remind him of that.

let's hear it again
Jesus love never fails you
let's heat it again

PLEASE tell him his followers all wish him the best. Tell him to laugh more and Always look on the bright side of life...

I hope John has a quick and full recovery! Our hugs to him!

give John our love. He has been supporting our music on his show for years and I am very thankful for that. I am praying for his recovery here in Brazil. 

Big love to John. He makes me happy on a regular basis.

Sending healing hippie mojo-- dang it....